Courier exchange and Haulage exchange

As for an intro, the Courier exchange also knows as Haulage exchange are both from TEG - Transport Exchange Group. So if some one recommends you or says to you that you should really consider joining in to courier exchange, haulage exchange just remember they both are the same.

Courier exchange is an online platform that aims to maximize profits by using free space to transport additional cargo from other companies or individual contractors from a internet community where you pay a subscription fee to register.

People who subscribe to such a platform can actually see you live as you drive your truck via Google maps and GPS targeting your location ( if you don’t have one buy as soon as possible ) with other information you provide them such as how much available space you have left for transportation, how much gas you have in your tank and some contact information like e-mail address or phone number plus many other things that you want to make public like how much you would like to get pay for another transport.


It’s kind of obvious you can take your business to the next level making the kind of money you could not make without access to a courier exchange. Just think about it.

With that said, you can thank software engineers who have taken it even forward meaning that they developed a mobile app for courier exchange where you can see all the thing and do all the things from your phone just like from your PC, MAC or laptop or even tablet, iPad, iPod etc.

I don’t think you realize yet what you can do with these stuff available on the web, so I’m asking you to reflect and think about it for a moment then decide for yourself if this is gold or not.If this is not for you well you may just quit right here. I’m not talking about quitting your job I’m talking about quitting reading this article because it won’t help you unless you want to be helped! Keep that in mind if you are still reading.

Now let’s talk about your possibilities here because that’s what drove me into writing this article, among with other reasons of course.

Let’s say you just simply like to drive and you are happy making some money from this passion you had since you were a little boy and your family is quite supporting about this stuff or even like it.

Well think of courier exchange app or website as an investment that makes the difference because you can transport your brother’s furniture for instance and get 3 calls on the road from people who also would like you to transport they’re chairs within your trip * this will happen only if you say that the only cargo goods that you are transporting is furniture.

That said, your miles will be more efficient and you will suddenly get more money pocket to spend with your family or friends. If you are thinking about what may be the best provider out there don’t thing like that, because this works just like the web internet.

Everyone has access to it and can navigate where they want, world-wide once they have a subscription in this case ISP- internet service provider. But still, keep in mind you need a member subscription. So if you got a europenacargo subscription and want to see what other company lists, then you need to buy from that company too.

If this sounds like the right investment for you, contact Europeancargo. If you do just half the good others did while using this web platform available on anything then you will make more money.

Sound fair enough?

On the other side, if you find yourself in a position running a business or managing people to work imagine that within a few moments or maybe hours at maximum your call ratio will be increased and suddenly will have more work to do, more people to hire, more money to spend.

How about that for a business growth? Clik here if you want to register

See what members think of Courier exchange:

"We can do anything within the country because there is a network that we didn’t have and that itself has increased our business which is fantastic."


"Proper utilization of vehicles is key especially when all the costs are going up so you need to make sure you maximize your profits and that’s all about. Courier exchange enabled us to do that and quite effectively."

"What Haulage Exchange has given me is profile with customers all through the UK. It has enabled me to build contacts with other haulers. They know me and they know what I do."

"This gives us access to a far larger client base which leads to a greater amount of work. More work means greater turnover and ultimately more profit."

"If we are going somewhere empty to collect something, I use it to see if anyone has got anything that they need to go that way."

"I have a fantastic relationship with the guys down at Haulage Exchange. It makes a real difference getting to know their staff."

Driver awareness

Here I would like to discuss a different topic but still related to the transport industry. I want to discuss with you about driving while being distracted, the so called distracted driving facts.

Before going into the actual stuff I want to make a point that the distraction while you are driving your care are 3 different types:

Cognitive: All I can say about this is that some one in Canada made an experiment with more drivers that were put into some difficult situation while driving such as mathematics; 39+62 for example. The end point of this experiment was that even they had hands-free phones to communicate with the person giving this type of tasks, attention wasn't fully on the road, they spend less time checking the rear windows and so on. None of these guys got into a crash or something but still this proves that if you get your brain do something else that what it suppose to do, your will inevitably crash your truck.

Visual: Doing something that requires your eyes to get off the road and look for something else.

Manual: In this category you can find everything what you are doing because your actions are not only cognitive and visual, are also non-verbal. I’m saying this because when you get scared for example, your body gets into a particular pose that’s assimilated with fear.

Distracted driving is the activity that dives someone attention away from the road. Here are some common distractions that exist: In general the use of cell phone or smartphone. I’m not talking about surfing the web googling things, I’m talking about texting someone for reading some ones text message.

Eating and drinking: If you are really hungry just park your car somewhere and go to a restaurant but if you can't afford because of the time of the money then you should Google time management and actually learn something new. Not while driving.

Talking to passengers: Ok I know this sounds lame but hear me out. If you talk to the person next to you and look at them your attention is not fully dedicated to the road, right? Well neither if you have your eyes on the road some parts of your brain will be in high alert for conversation but in this point you can still see where you are heading.

Reading maps: Everyone knows that if they are alone while driving and need to see the map they either slow down and park the truck so they can have a look at it or they slow drastically the speed while reading it. First one I recommend, second I don’t. If you have some one in the right passenger's seat then put him or her to do it. The awesome thing here about maps is that if you drive for transportation and u want a career you want a GPS and a monitor because it will be your best friend. That’s ok and highly recommended.

Watching a video: I hope that you get this one and I don’t have to explain it to you because this is just common sense not to watch a video while driving.

Adjusting a radio, CD player, or MP3 player: The very best things that I personally found and used among the years is that you can just simply listen to a radio or put a CD before you start that will continue to go for several hours. This particular thing is not so dangerous but still requires some kind of attention, a few seconds. Everyone does it but don’t take your eyes off the road and you will be just fine.

Driver’s tips for summer

Summer isn’t fun for everyone, summer lost it’s fun for people who started working in constructions, gardner, and even courier. With or without this, a job is still a job and needs to be done efficient and properly.

The number one thing you can do in the summer if it’s to hot is to drink water. Hear me out. You should always have 2 or 3 bottles of cold- near ice water you could drink anytime. If you work in construction that not really a problem because you can put them some where in the shadow, and if you are a courier well then, you got a car. Use it.

You need to take breaks, not because it’s summer and it’s hot but because your brain functions more effective when you have breaks.

The most important thing here is to avoid temptation for drinking bear, swimming the customer’s pool or anything that u find yourself wanting when you have a job to do. Keep in mind that job comes first.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you are working or just simply walking with your family in the street is that you want to dress with light colors, no black, no brawn etc.

These are simply some common tips you can take into consideration when you work in freight, constructions and so on. By the way, if you work as a courier by yourself then you should probably get a pet. A dog might work perfectly for you so that you will never get bored, fall asleep and so on. Dogs are loyal as anyone knows, so that said he or she will follow you till the very end of your career.

If some one had a tone of experience in the field of courier exchange and wanted to quit for some reason buy still wanted to work in some kind of related business or domain, you should take in consideration the following: School Bus Driver. In a small community being a school bus driver is a good way to keep active when there are no courier jobs available for you. So you can still make some money.

Another possibility would be a taxi driver or taxi service if you already have a business. Maybe you can make more money, who knows. That’s up to you to try it out and let us know.

Another good suggestion could be moving service. A lot of people are needed for having their houses cleared or their things moved to another town or location. This could be just like the school bus activity, doing it while you can’t find courier jobs.

By the way, if you look up for them, you will find them. Adapt. That’s all you have to do in this domain. Everything is changing so you need to adapt.

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