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About EuropeanCargo

EuropeanCargo is a logistics platform that facilitates the development of contacts between cargo owners and carriers.

Present at an European level, in countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania, Hungary, etc., the freight exchange works on the carriage of goods and persons, evaluating the opportunities of free goods or empty vehicles, from trucks, buses and overloaded vehicles to the railway, air transportation or sea transportation.

EuropeanCargo freight exchange can be easily used viewing in real-time free trucks or available goods ads in areas such as: food and agriculture, construction, warehousing and logistics, industry, energy and exploitation, import export services and others.

We invite you to post your freight or trucks in order to be found more easily and to enjoy the facilities and promotions offered by EuropeanCargo.

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Add cargo and truck posts for FREE!

A new type of subscription allows you to post an UNLIMITED number of cargo and truck posts for FREE.